Track Layout

This track layout was developed in January 2011 with an experienced kart track designer.  The track is about 8/10 of a mile in length and can be run clockwise or counterclockwise, and can be split into two separate tracks for running different age or experience groups at the same time on smaller tracks.  Several of the turns have increasing or decreasing radii, adding to the challenging aspects of driving the track.  The site has about 15-20’ of fall from right to left, which will be used to add interest and complexity to the experience of driving this track. The clubhouse building is shown in red with two adjacent parking areas.

So now that we HAVE zoning approval, how will this facility be financed? We have set up two membership levels for member/owners of the facility – see the “Memberships” web page for details on the planned costs and benefits for the different levels.  We will have to have some amount of dues to cover insurance, taxes, utility costs and other expenses. The many final details of dues and operational details will be worked out with the 5-10 largest shareholders.  If you love this sport and want to see it in middle tennessee, make a decision to become a member in Performance Motorsports and help it become a reality.

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